Time for ceramics?

Before you commit on starting the Very Addictive habit of playing with clay to make beautiful things…come to an Open Atelier day!

It doesn’t matter iIMG_1326f you have never worked with clay before, or if you have been throwing pots for years. You can spend time in the studio and make use of the facilities. Niki will be there to assist you and teach you how to throw on a potter’s wheel, show you the basics of glazing or help you decide on which form of pottery fits you best!

Adults and children are welcome to come explore the exiting world of clay! There are books (in English and Swedish) that may give you additional ideas.

If, after coming to the Open Atelier, you decide that you seriously want to develop your skills in pottery, we can then together make a course program for you. In this throwing, building by hand or the art of glazing can be separate focus areas.

Our advice would be: come and have a try!


If you have your own workplace, but you lack a kiln, you can hire the kiln or just pay for the firing of one of your master pieces.



We currently have three different size kilns, one small (50 liters) top loader and two large front loaders (150 and 250 liters).

In case after an Open Atelier day or from your own studio you have thrown or built a piece which you would like to fire, you can bring it to the studio and we’ll fire it for you as soon as enough pots are collected to fill a kiln. In case you have a tight schedule or have many pieces, you can also decide to book the entire kiln.

Please note that we prefer to load the kilns ourselves to make sure we are always responsible for possible damages. In case you have very sensitive pieces, you can of course be there to load the kiln together.

There are some differences if you want to use the kilns for a bisque fire (clay-> ceramics) or for a glaze fire. The programs will be different, but also the way you stack the pots in the kiln and how many will fit.

Want to make use of the studio outside of the Open Atelier or Courses?IMG_1470

Perhaps you have some time on your hands through week-days, which you would like to use to spend time on your pottery?

Perhaps you are a professional potter and you would like to give a pottery course yourself, but your lack the space?

OR perhaps you are a teacher and you are looking for a group activity for your class?

All of these are certainly possible! In such a case, please feel free to contact us and we can discuss the timing and costs arrangements that would work for your situation.